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  • Altered states of consciousness in 8 minutes
  • Chakra Tuning & Chakra Balancing in Minutes
  • Learn the Secret of Programming a Lucid Dream every night
  • Develop your Natural Psychic Ability & Clairvoyance
  • Listen to Your Spirit or Angel Guides
  • Learn Remote Viewing & Telepathy
  • Improve Your Memory
  • Learn the 7 Secret Frequencies of the Law of Attraction
  • Increase your Learning Ability
  • Meditate deeper than you ever thought possible
  • See glimpses of the future
  • Conquer insomnia and sleep less while feeling more refreshed
  • Increase your chi energy and feel truly energized
  • Increase your IQ
  • See your Past Lives
  • Power Nap at will
  • & Much , Much More


So How Do These Products Work ? Why are they so different to all the other Brainwave Entrainment products on the market ?

Mind Sync brainwave harmonics make use of binaural technology to produce very specific combinations of frequencies in the brain

These frequency combinations work like a key or a software program to unlock a specific function in the brain

Scientists thought for many years that psychic phenomena were associated with particular brain states and particularly theta and alpha states. The reason why psi was so sporadic was that the correct brainwave combinations seemed to be produced randomly

Mind Sync used that information to experiment with different, specific combinations of frequencies and to lock the brain into those frequencies using entrainment or frequency following.

Single binaural frequencies will most certainly work to make you more relaxed, increase your ability to learn, improve your memory and in many cases reduce your need for sleep

The correct multiple programmed frequencies will provide very specific extrasensory effects  - you could be using these incredible brainwave harmonics programs in the next few minutes

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"I have tried a few of the astral projection downloads and CDs I have seen on the internet and on E Bay and none of them seemed to work. I had seen a number of references to your company in chat rooms and notice boards and thought I would give it a go. I am glad I did.  It still didn't work the first few times but then it just seemed to click. Some of the imagery is intense. I am even getting some past life stuff through. 
Michael R, UK

"I am a Yoga teacher and reiki healer so i use techniques for chakra balancing etc.  Can i say that i have never experienced such immediate relaxation, almost trance like, but safe! so quickly.  I could feel the root chakra vibrating straight away. it makes you sway and i believe it is energy and balancing the other chakras in turn.  It is 6.10 am saturday morning and i never get up this early and i never get up in such a pleasant state! it is a wonderful item.  I bet it can sort out many dis-eases within the body too and i read that the more you use the sounds the stronger the healing properties.  fantastic.   I suffer from SAD and it seems to have helped me so much in just 2 sessions.  
Tammy Lorraine Majchrzak, UK

"Can't believe how easy this is. Projected first time. Cool! Don, USA"

"I was intrigued by your differentiation between WILD and DILD. The WILD experiences are much more difficult to control at first. As you said they get better with practice. I had always been able to induce lucid dreams whilst already dreaming - I had done all the techniques suggested in the LaBerge book . You know like 'Is this a dream' reality checks. I think using your CD has enhanced this ability. I have 2-3 lucid dreams a week now. Maybe working with WILD has helped too.
Robert Jarvis, UK"

"The first time I used the psychic program I went into a very deep meditative state. I heard a voice say 'It's about time'  very clearly. Over a period of weeks it was clear that my spirit guides had been trying to get messages to me for years. I had not been able to hear them properly - the psychic program has helped me to do this.
Angela Myers, UK "

"After relaxing with the remote viewing section for about ten minutes I have to say that I noticed a definite change in my perception. This is definitely a phenomenal breakthrough in technology and I am extremely excited about exploring it.     Regina D Johnson - USA"

"I have been using the clairvoyance CD for nearly a month and I can certainly tell the difference. My intuitive powers are much stronger. I am starting to get an inkling of what is about to happen so am half a step ahead.                     Sarah B - UK"

"Thank you for this product. My memory has been getting worse over the years. I have been listening to your product for less than a month and am already noticing the difference. I can remember phone numbers and shopping lists without having to write everything down. Maggie Deakin - USA"

I bought the full series about 3 months ago and things are just starting to happen. I won a video camera and a shopping spree. I have also just met someone who could be the one. Fingers crossed. Thanks again. KM, USA

I am impressed with the manifestation download. What can I say, I just got a raise !!.     Alain, Montreal

I have bought many of your products in the past and just had to try this. As ever, your products really deliver. You have turned my health around and now my life !! I just got my dream job , with a car allowance, medical, pension, wow.  MT, California

I  downloaded the telepathy file, and gave it a try.  Listening to it twice a day once when I wake up and once before bed, I found that this is the most effectife tool in enhancing my telepathic gift.  I have been able to "read" people's intentions before anything is spoken.  I can also "tune" into people alot eaiser and meditation is as easy as lying down.    Thank you and your team very much      Nick, USA

I thank you very much for sending me this format....... It works for me.... Well, harmonic are very good, ....Good results I think my six sense is improved by telepathy, and i still love" instant charger"(energiser)Sarmad Farz - Pakistan

I bought your telepathy CD with great interest. I have used it with my partner and have developed a much stronger telepathic link with her. Sometimes I say exactly what she is thinking and vice versa. We have done some sending and receiving experiments and have had very good results.  Michael Sharp - UK

I found that I could concentrate for much longer periods of time using the speed learning download. I was amazed how much I remembered after just one read through. It has really cut down on my study time.      Marcus Ryan - USA

I just wanted to say how much I LOVE the sleep improvement CD.  It has worked from the first night I
used it.  I feel completely rested and refreshed after 5 hours of sleep at night.  I finally have time to do everything I want during the day!  I've even used it during the day for a quick 20 minute refresher and it gives me energy to finish my day.  It's definitly unlike long naps or regular sleep that I would awake feeling groggy from.I tell everyone about what a great product you have.  It's amazing!      Thank you!  I just ordered another CD - can't wait to try it! Another satisfied customer,         
Lisa Cash - USA

By the way, I had serious anxiety problem and would always feel reckless even after a good night sleep, I use both stress manager and sleep improvement before sleep ."MY GOD".....the effect it had on me was miraculous..... :)     ..... ur product changed my life instantly..... keep up the good work Mohammed Shorbagi  - UAE

I have used Sleep Improver every  night for the past three months with great results.  Listening to this download has allowed me for the first time in a number of years to actually sleep the whole night through AND feel rested when I wake up. Additionally I have not had to take sleep medication, and sometimes (about half of the time) I need less sleep per night than before.  I love it!                    Elizabeth Segura - Kansas

Thanks very much for your speedy response and for the extract in your mail. I have Download OOBE and INSTANT MEDITATION: Perfect. The first time I used Instant Meditation I got a good relaxation and a wonderful surprise: The calmness in the mind lingered on for a long time. In the future I will order again.Sergio Truffello, Chile

The Instant Meditation has really calmed me down. I really struggled with stuff going around and around in my head. As soon as I used the Instant Meditation program it stopped. I had clarity of thought for the first time in years  Ray Stone, USA

I have used the Precognition CD for around 6 months and have recorded my dreams as you suggested. 3 weeks ago I had a dream about the lottery. I could only remember 4 numbers for sure and 1 other possible. Yesterday I won nearly £500. A good investment  I think.           PE - London

I have used the precognition frequencies for over a year now. I have recorded dreams consistently through that time. I am now noticing that some of the dream content is starting to happen. Nothing outstanding. Quite mundane in fact. I agree that this is likely to explain deja vu feelings as you mentioned in your talk.         Rick - Cornwall

I chanted the OM mantra along with the frequencies and had an amazing feeling in my hara. It started vibrating and after a few minutes a warm tingling spread throughout my whole body. I felt totally energized  after the 20 minute session. The effect is very consistent - I have just bought 4 more CDs.   David Samuel, Ontario

I found the epsilon wave an amazing program. I have experienced clear white light meditations many times but this made me feel cocooned from head to toe like I was floating on water. I found this very uplifting for my aura.                 Thomas Bowers - UK

This was quite amazing. I have used relaxation tapes before but this was very different. I just kept going deeper and deeper. I still had some awareness but completely lost all sense of self and ego.          Andy M. California

I have increased my IQ score by 10 points after 1 month with your CD. I am impressed   Andy Thompson - Maidstone, Kent

I have been using the pastlife regression CD for a few months and have been getting good results. I had fleeting past life images from the first time I used it. As I got more used to it I found the images much clearer and involved.  Janis Arnott - Cleveland

The power nap download is great. I use it in my breaks at work and get 10 or 15 minutes sleep. I sleep a lot less at night and always have bags of energy                      Craig M - UK

I have to say I am thrilled with the Mind Sync HGH download. I've been dealing with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (M.E.) and Fibromyalgia for 17 years, and have tried many things to help boost my own production of human growth hormone, always through supplementation, and always with little or no success.
The HGH Stim download
bypasses the usual channels and goes straight to the source. I knew the first time I used it that it would be good for me, and my doctor (a brilliant naturopath and energy healer) agreed the frequencies were just right for my needs. He plans to use the download in his practice and on himself (he is also in recovery from CFS).
I'd like to thank Geoff, and Mind Sync, for researching and developing such a fine product.
Steve D. USA

This is amazing. I have been using the HGH Stim for a month now and I am bursting with energy. I started back at the gym last week. I feel great Michael Jones,  Cardiff

This product has got rid of my tinitus  Greg P. UK

The serotonin balancer is pretty amazing. Jenny Longmuir , Glasgow

I have been practicing magick for several months and had studied a number of  books. I had also subscribed to a number of the online academies and secret E books. To be honest I wasn't having much success. I always followed the instructions to the number and letter but nothing ever happened. I  purchased Magickal Focus over a month ago  and recast some of the spells that had failed.
I immediately started to get amazing results.  I cast a spell for money - it worked within 24 hours and I won over $1200. Some days later I cast an 'influence' spell and got the outcome I wanted.
  I have even been able to astral project for the very first time. I am very excited about what might come next. I can't wait. An amazing product. Jonathan Chambers, Florida, USA

The first time I used shaman wave I experienced visual contact with my spirit guide. I felt the presence of other spirits. A tremendous experience.                      Thomas Bowers - UK

I have used drum induced trance states for many years. You have understood the importance of not cluttering the sound with pointless music and talking. This program has been very helpful in my development. I am looking forward to using your delta wave and epsilon wave programs. I thank you.  Thijs, Netherlands

Very good for relaxation and very good for self hypnosis. I will be buying more of your products.  Henry , Canada

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  Download Pack #2- 9 NHC Downloads

The full series of Mind Sync Neuro Harmonic Conditioning. 

Each programme contains an innovative brainwave harmonic to create the maximum level of suggestibility with no risk or side effect. The programmed NLP and superliminal instruction will further guide you through each level of relaxation and suggestibility. Titles include - insomnia, self confidence, stop smoking, lose weight, creativity, charisma, impotence, stress & habit control, 





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